4 Secrets to Saving On Estate Planning Costs

Tip #1. Talk About the Fees Up Front

Most estate planning attorneys offer a free, no-obligation consultation. Even before you go to this meeting, call or email your potential attorneys to inquire about what and how much fees they charge. Most attorneys charge a flat-rate fee or by the hour. If he or she charges by the hour, for instance, inquire further about the rate and get an idea of how long the process will take.

Tip #2: Get to Know What You Need

Before you meet with an attorney, it pays to get a feel for what you need in your estate plan. It might be helpful to consult with your financial advisor or read up on estate planning material. Either way, be sure to know a little about the durable power of attorney, healthcare durable PA, last will, testament, and perhaps trusts.

Tip #3: Be Decisive and come Prepared

Inquire about what you need to bring to the attorney. Do you have to pay for an initial consultation? Will you pay the attorney fees up front? Get answers, but most importantly, meet your attorney when you are fully decided.

Tip #4: Hire the Right Attorney

Not all estate planning attorneys are created equal. Get recommendations from friends, family or colleagues you trust. And don’t just take their word for it — it’s best to read reviews, contact references, etc. before making the hiring decision.

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